Asterias restaurant came to establish a new level of flavours and tasting knowledge to a unique place, covered by the breeze of the sea … The sound of the sea , as is the only music in the place, is going to offer you moments of total relaxation and let your fantasy travel … With the typical colours of Santorini in a wide open place you will feel totally free… Asterias with its five legs symbolises the five senses stimulated uterly by the flavours of food, the sound of the sea, the blue of the sky and the unique breeze of the volcanic Santorini.

Attitude of the Moment

The moment you will choose to... be by the sea… live something special… escape from your daily routine…

Way of Life

You will... live unforgatable moments … aquire a new criterion of comparison … revise the way of your life …

Attitude of Enjoyment

You will taste delicious mediteranian flavours… Tradition meets modern and creative cuisine… The aegean freshnesh transforms into art…

All-day BAR

Enjoy the moment gazing the Aegean infinite blue... The absolute experience for you and your company… Aegean chill out music fills up your glass…

Asterias Friends

Our friends choose to be by the sea… Our friends choose to be by our side… Our friends choose to feel the real way of life…

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Red Beach, Akrotiri, Santorini, 84700

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To any information please contact with us.
We will be glad to wellcome you to our restaurant located to Akrotiri of Santorini
and will be at your services in whatever you may need.
In addition Asterias is able to host wedding and universary receptions or any other special events.
We will be glad to send you our suggestions and our offers for your special moments.

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